01 Dec 2021
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Is It Illegal to Use a Paraphrasing Tool?

I guess there isn’t a single person on this planet who is associated with the writing field and still has no idea about paraphrasing. In this method, people prefer restating the ideas of information from different sources in their own words to explain it more effectively and save themselves from the charges of plagiarism. The innovation in technology and the immense popularity of online platforms make it a piece of cake for everyone to copy content and paste in their work. However, the copy of content word by word will stand you under the charges of plagiarism, and you may have to face penalties against it. 

On the other hand, paraphrasing is representing an idea or text presented by someone else earlier in your vocabulary. This type of writing doesn’t include any kind of duplication and won’t lead you to face any unpleasant situations for committing plagiarism.

In this digital era, there is a modern utility available for us that can help us in performing our daily tasks effectively. Similarly, you can find a paraphrasing tool online that can rephrase content on your behalf and provides you with accurate results in no time. However, you will find a number of people out there who believe that it is illegal to use a paraphrasing tool.

Well, it’s completely untrue! You can paraphrase a tool with the assistance of an online facility without having any fear or nervousness at all.

In this blog post, we will uncover how using a paraphrasing tool is legal and beneficial for you in instantly creating unique content. But, before that, let’s take a quick glimpse of paraphrasing without any further ado for your better understanding.

Paraphrasing: A Quick Review

Paraphrasing is a process in which you explain a text of a source using your own vocabulary and words in a way that the meaning of the content remains constant. This method of writing saves you from making efforts to create content from scratch. You are not required to do research to find the most accurate information to write inspiring content. Instead, you can simply rephrase an article in your own words and generate high-quality content easily.

Is Paraphrasing Tool Legitimate to Use?

It has been a point of discussion in various writers’ sessions whether it is legal to use a paraphrasing tool or not. Well, the answer is quite simple. If the content produced by a rephrasing tool is plagiarized and used in your work, then it is a severe problem. There is a strict international copyright law that it will be considered a crime if anyone uses someone else’s content without their permission. Alternatively, paraphrasing is something different. In this writing mode, you only take inspiration and ideas from a text and use your own words to elaborate on them. So, in this whole process, no plagiarism will be involved. Similarly, you can use a paraphrasing tool to rewrite content on your behalf. This approach will help you save your time and provides you with fresh and plagiarism-free content instantaneously.

Can a Plagiarism Checker Detect Paraphrased Text?

The quality of paraphrasing you have done is singularly responsible for saving the text from being caught against plagiarism. Suppose you rephrase content wisely and the textual information you produce is free of duplication. In that case, no matter how advanced a plagiarism checker is, your content will never be flagged as plagiarized.

While using an online paraphrasing tool, trying more than two tools is always suggested to get better results. There are several rephrasing tools available online, but many of them aren’t capable of providing you with unique and high-quality content. Therefore, it is essential to try different article rewriter utilities before settling for a single one.

Bottom Line

Writing inspiring content is challenging, especially when you are asked to provide several articles on a similar topic. You can get short of ideas or new information about the same topic you have written many times. Trying paraphrasing techniques can be a great help to save yourself from any hassle in such situations. You can rephrase your own or someone else’s writing by using your own vocabulary and generate fresh content easily. The use of an advanced online paraphrasing facility like rewriteguru.com is also beneficial if you need the results in a quick span. The online utility allows you to paste content on the tool and get paraphrased content in no time. The text you get from the utility discussed above will be high-quality and free from any sort of plagiarism.