31 Dec 2021
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Produce Desired Content: Add Custom Synonyms While Rewriting

Technological advancement has blessed us with several useful utilities that help us in different walks of life. If we talk specifically about writing, then you would know how strenuous it is to produce high-quality content every time. Whether you are writing for academic purposes or digital content, you cannot afford to deliver text that isn’t original or contains words that don’t match up with its context. No doubt, writing articles every day can affect your quality, and the days will come when you will suffer from ‘writer’s block’.

Do you know what this term, writer’s block, means? For the readers who don’t, it’s a terminology used to describe temporary failure writers face to put words on a paper.

This failure can last up to a few minutes or even a couple of days, and it can become a serious problem when you are not meeting the targets assigned by your supervisor. Thankfully, you can avoid it from happening with the assistance of an article rewriter. This online utility allows you to generate a new piece of text with existing content without following any intricate procedures. Producing desired content has become a hassle-free task due to the availability of platforms like RewriteGuru.

If you are facing difficulties in finding suitable words for your content, or you want to know how you can add custom synonyms while rewriting, there’s no need to fret anymore.

AI-Based Replacement

Gone are the days when you had to rely on rephrasing tools that work on specified algorithms and generate unreliable results. Today, artificial intelligence is helping people in overcoming the dilemma of rewriting an article.

Rewriting a piece of text yourself can become a daunting task if your vocabulary is weak and you find it difficult to change the words with their best alternatives. However, taking the assistance of an AI-based article rewriter can play a vital role in this regard. This online tool saves you from the nuisance of choosing the right words for your content based on its context.

While using a paraphrasing tool, it’s essential to make sure that it doesn’t change the original meaning of your uploaded text. If you don’t look at the quality of the text, it can make you suffer a lot in your workplace. The AI-based replacement offered by RewriteGuru can help you sigh in relief and find the flawlessly written content in a matter of instance. You can produce desired content without following any convoluted procedure on this web portal.

Choose the Best Synonyms

Although rewriting an article isn’t based only on synonyms, still, they are an integral part of this process. Without synonyms, you won’t be able to achieve the major aim of rewriting, i.e., getting rid of plagiarism. Think for yourself, if the words or phrases in the rewritten article are similar to the ones in the original content, then what is the purpose of rewriting it? As mentioned earlier, you need to rewrite an article by changing words with their best alternatives. This practice will help you preserve the original meaning of your text and avoid the marks of duplication.

The article rewriter on RewriteGuru provides you with a smart way of adding custom synonyms while rewriting any article. Besides changing nouns, adjectives, and verbs with their best alternatives, this utility also provides you with a list of synonyms that can also be used in your text. You can choose the best synonyms to rewrite your text in the best possible manner with this online tool. It doesn’t impose any restrictions, so there’s no need to worry about facing intricacies while using RewriteGuru’s article rewriter.

Rewrite in Different Modes with RewriteGuru

Over this platform, users are offered multiple modes in which they can rewrite their articles. Producing desired content with existing articles has been made easier by RewriteGuru, as you can add custom synonyms through its different modes. How can each mode help you out in rewriting? Let’s figure it out!

1Smart Spin

As the name suggests, this mode will intelligently spin your content and change around 70 to 75% words with suitable synonyms. After getting results with this mode, the users can easily incorporate custom synonyms with the help of a suitable synonyms list offered against each highlighted word. In case you don’t find any word suitable for your article, you can easily get it replaced with a single click.

2- Ultra Spin

The ultra-spin mode works exactly the same as smart spin, except for the fact that its percentage of replacing words is maximum, which changes around 90% of words of any uploaded article. If you don’t desire to give any roam to plagiarism, then this mode is the perfect option for rewriting your content.

3- Replace Manually

Many writers don’t wish to trust the automated tools, and they are inclined towards using their own skills in rewriting too. For these people, the replace manually mode can come in to play its role. With replace manually, the users are given the freedom to make changes in their uploaded article on their own. The tool will only provide you with the synonyms for words contained in your document. You have complete authority over choosing your desired synonyms from the wide list offered against each word by this utility.

4- AI Rewriter

AI rewriter is the most suitable mode for people who need to restructure the text automatically without changing the synonyms. By rewriting in this mode a user will be able to reshape the content with the same wording. May be someone likes the current vocabulary and hesitate to use the substitute of the words so this modes is the best for them.

5- AI Rewriter + Smart Spin

You might desire to go beyond just changing some words with their synonyms while rewriting. This desire can be achieved with this specific mode on RewriteGuru, as it’s the combination of AI rewriter and smart spin. By using this approach, you can get your hands on an article with a completely new structure. It will partially replace some words with synonyms and provide you with the best alternatives for each replaced word.

6- AI Rewriter + Ultra Spin

Fully eliminate the instances of plagiarism with AI rewriter + ultra spin mode of RewriteGuru. While rewriting your article with this mode, you’ll discover a wide variety of synonyms for all the words. Your article will also be fully restructured when you choose this mode for rewriting. It’s a recommended mode for those users who need to reshape their content entirely and don’t want to get questioned for duplication.

7- AI Rewriter + Replace Manually

AI rewriter + replace manually is a mode designed for people who want to change the synonyms of words on their own but need the restructuring of text to be done automatically. After getting the restructured version of the article with this mode, the users are allowed to manually replace the words by taking the assistance of the synonyms lists provided by this tool.

That’s it!

Producing desired content with an article rewriter is no more a herculean task due to the availability of advanced and reliable modes offered on Rewrite Guru. You can easily get reshaped content with the tool on this web portal and easily replace the words you don’t find suitable for keeping your article’s context.