14 Apr 2021
4 Mins to Read
Rida Arif
Rewriting Content Using Tool Vs. Manual Article Rewriting

The world is moving towards automation, and everyone is in search of finding technological tools that can help them do the same task without going through the nuisance of manual work. The article rewriter tools are the part of the modern invention that has been developed to make the task of rewriting content a piece of cake for everyone. If you search whether a person should depend upon his/her own skills of rewriting or use an article rewriter, the results might confuse you. 

Well, why would a person want to find an automated rewrite text tool instead of relying on his own skills? The straightforward answer to the query is ‘Efficiency.’ While rewriting an article manually, you will have to pay attention to rephrasing every single sentence, and this is going to cost you an ample amount of time. If you skipped one or more sentences or phrases in the process, your article wouldn’t be able to bypass the plagiarism test completely, and you will have to bear several consequences. As a student, you might face failure or expulsion from the institute. As a content writer, the website you are working with can suffer a downfall in rankings or get de-indexed from search engine result pages due to plagiarism. 

Therefore, we can clearly comprehend that relying on manual rewriting might not work out for you. You might be wondering how rewriting content with software is more useful or different from the manual way. Hence, we have come up with this blog to let you understand how an advanced article spinner utility can become a game-changer for you.

Remove Duplication Entirely

You cannot beat the negative consequences brought by the duplication. Whether you’re a student, writer, researcher, or involved in any type of writing task, you need to come up with original text every time. If you don’t focus on originality and plagiarism is found in your content, you’ll be charged with penalties that can ruin your career. 

While manually rewriting articles, the chances of plagiarism still remain high. You might not be able to rewrite content from A to Z, and it will end up in instances of duplication. However, article rewriter online tools make sure to eradicate piracy completely from any kind of text. After using the content rewriter utility, you can put the rewritten text in a plagiarism checker tool and see that 100% of the text is original.

Bulk Content Update

It’s essential to constantly update your site’s content as the updated pieces will be seen as the fresh articles by Google’s ranking algorithms. This practice will improve your rankings on search engine result pages. So, what’s the best technique to update content in bulk? Obviously, it’s the article rewriter free services that provides you with a new version of the content in a matter of seconds. 

On the other hand, relying on manual force to rewrite articles is going to cost an ample amount of time. If you are able to rewrite one content manually in an hour, the paraphrasing tool will provide you with tens of rewritten articles at the same time.

Keyword Optimization

Many users might think that content rewriting tools will cause trouble as it will also paraphrase the targeted keywords in any content. This issue is somehow real as far as you are using an incompetent rewriting tool. 

The advanced article rewriters are based on algorithms that allow users to enter any word or phrase which they want to replace with this service. If you opt to use a text rewriter with such a feature, you won’t have to worry about keyword optimization. Whereas, the manual rewriting is going to disturb you as you might end up over-optimizing or under-optimizing the keywords during the process.


The online sentence rewriter tools are mostly free of cost. Even if some advanced rewriter tools ask you for payment, it won’t be more than a few bucks that wouldn’t become a burden on your pocket. However, taking the services of a freelancer for manually rewriting articles will cost a lot. Besides wasting time, you will also be wasting money with the manual article rewriting service. On the contrary, an online article rewriter is a pocket-friendly utility that doesn’t charge a penny or comes at an affordable price.

That’s it!

Instead of wasting time and money on manual article rewriting, using the article rewriter online tool is the best solution for covering your needs for fresh content. A Rewrite Paragraph tool is the most efficient way to execute this job. You can turn to RewriteGuru.com  at any time of the day and get unique and fresh text in a matter of instance.