20 Oct 2021
3 Mins to Read
Secrets of Content Rewriting – How to Paraphrase Your Articles?

Content writing seems to be quite a laborious chore for most people. It becomes hectic to research, analyze, scrutinize and come up with unique and innovative ideas. You would come across hundreds and thousands of content on the web on any given topic. Apparently, it seems like all the research has already been executed by researchers, writers, and content creators. There’s no doubt that you would feel yourself in a trap in a maze of web pages. Therefore, many people often skip the research phase and directly opt for paraphrasing. No one would deny that even the most professional and experienced writers paraphrase the content at some time or other. There’s nothing wrong with it because researching, planning, organizing, and making a rough draft consumes plenty of time and energy.

In this competitive era, everyone wants to stay ahead of others. If someone is dealing with a blog website, they would surely need to possess herculean strength for generating content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many of them find shortcut ways of producing a hefty chunk of content they got for duplication without considering the repercussions they have to face. Therefore, plagiarizing content is no way out. However, a content paraphrasing tool could rescue you in such a dire situation, but we are here to reveal some secret mantras of content rewriting if you want to rewrite yourself. 

Combine Several Posts into a Single One 

If you are a blogger or providing ghostwriting service, then you might always find yourself under the burden of work. It happens with almost every professional writer. For example, you might be a fashion blogger, and after writing several blog posts, you might be feeling that there are no more unique ideas to write on. However, you can liberate yourself from such a situation. You will only need to gather your previous articles that are somehow interlinked with each other. After that, extract some of the most important sections from them and rewrite the content to make a new post. 

Rearrangement of Content 

If you want to rewrite content, then make sure not to follow the same pattern or structure. You need to reorganize the entire pattern to make your article look fresh and unique. You can edit and remove a few parts or segments from the content as well. It’s not enough to just replace words or alter sentence formation, but you need to reorganize the entire content. If you are just changing the words, your content will fall under the umbrella of borderline plagiarism. Duplication in the content will not be detected but it may affect your search engine result page ranking. 

Reread Original Article 

If you feel rewriting to be a bit difficult, then you can reread the original article several times. It will help you to come up with new and unique ideas. You will be able to formulate new sentence formation without any difficulty. Over here, you would need to understand the content’s topic and the meaning. The essence of rewriting is to understand and comprehend the original piece of work for paraphrasing effectively. 

Final Words

Content writers always feel themselves to be under pressure. It is due to the fact that they need to produce quality content in a short period of time. Therefore, it becomes almost indispensable for them to rewrite the content. Sometimes, the deadline for delivering the content is around the corner, and there’s no room left for researching, planning, or analyzing the content in any way around. Therefore, you would have to paraphrase the content to save yourself from any consequences of late delivery. The writers can also utilize a paraphrasing tool for this purpose.