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Article Rewriter

Our article rewriter will help you to rewrite text online including essays, articles, sentences & paragraphs for free. Try 5 amazing rewriting modes of this text rewriter now!

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Rewrite your Content
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5 Modes Of Article Rewriter

AI Rewriter

  • Rewrite text without changing its context
  • Maintains the relativity with the original one
  • Works separately as well as with Spinning modes
  • Use hybrid with Spinning modes for best results

Smart Spin

  • Medium-level article spinning
  • Convenient, Efficient, and Free
  • Provides synonyms list
  • Allows to change highlighted words
  • Smart plagiarism removal

Ultra Spin

  • Advanced-level article spinning
  • Highlights rewritten words
  • Text spinner provides a synonyms list
  • Maximum plagiarism removal

Sentence Rephraser

  • Select any sentence from your text
  • Multiple options for a single sentence will be provided
  • Choose the best wording according to your choice

Replace Manually

  • Gives complete freedom to rewrite paragraphs
  • Highlights the original nouns, verbs & adjectives
  • Allows to replace each word by yourself
  • Manual plagiarism removal as needed
No Ads
Similarity Check
Upto 30,000 Words / search
Pro FeatureAI Content Detector
Plagiarism Checker
5 different modes
Spell Check
Go Pro

How to Rewrite Article?


Access Article Rewriter

Visit our website to commence the rewriting process.

Upload Content

Upload the file from your device or Copy-paste the text in the box.

Press the Button

Click the Rewrite Article button to instruct the tool to start rewriting the content for you.

Fresh Content is Ready!

Within no time, the tool will display the rewritten article that you can use as it is or make changes as per your requirements.

What Are the Key Features of Article Rewriter?

You can opt to use the best article rewriter to create unique and quality content. It will reword the sentences and display their plagiarism-free version. This rewrite tool takes responsibility for both of these tough jobs and provides you with 100% unique content in a blink of an eye.

RewriteGuru’s Article rewriter is one of the most advanced spinning tools available online, jam-packed with top-notch features. You can enjoy the following features with our rewording tool.

Deep Spinning Deep Spinning

Deep Spinning

The advanced algorithms used for developing our paragraph rewriter tool spin your content deeply without making any changes to its general idea or meaning. It makes sure to display a new version of the content uploaded to it by any user.

Easy to Use Easy to Use

Easy to Use

This text rewriter doesn’t involve a tiresome registration procedure, as it allows the users to start rewriting their textual documents on the go.

Variety_of_Synonyms Variety_of_Synonyms

Variety of Synonyms

When it comes to spin articles, you will have to use synonyms wherever possible, but they must not change the context of the sentence. This sentence rewriter tool takes this matter into account and provides various synonyms that best fit the uploaded text.

Quick_and_Efficient Quick_and_Efficient

Quick and Efficient

The online spinner eliminates inefficiency and time-consuming problems that people might face with other tools or manual methods. It generates and displays results quickly for every user.

Grammar Check Grammar Check

Grammar Check

With this online article rewriter tool, you can check the grammatical issues. The proofreading service of this sentence changer allows you to get your hands on error-free fresh content.

Plagiarism-Check Plagiarism-Check

Plagiarism Check

RewriteGuru also facilitates you to check plagiarism right there in the same window. You don't have to put the newly generated content in some other tool to find out if your duplicate content issue is resolved or not.

Save-Files Save-Files

Save Files

If you don’t want to burden your device with spun content files, then the save files feature on this best article rewriter tool has got you covered. Instead of downloading files, you can save them within your account on

Fast & Secure Fast & Secure

Fast and Secure

The speedy nature of this online article rewriter makes it a top choice for everyone looking forward to getting a new copy of their text in a short period.

Moreover, the uploaded files are 100% safe and secure, so the users don’t have to worry about data theft or losing confidential information.

Similarity Checker Similarity Checker

Similarity Check

The rewrite tool generates a list of synonyms for each noun, adjective, and verb. Now the spinner tool will automatically pick up the most relevant word but users can still change it accordingly.

Image Image

Spell Check

Besides grammar check, similarity check, and paraphrasing tool, RewriteGuru is also equipped with a spell check feature. So be 100% sure about the content that will be provided by this sentence rewriter.

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You should Consider using a Rewriting Tool when:

No Time for In-Depth Research

In case you’ve written over a topic a hundred times already, and you don’t have time to conduct in-depth research for finding something unique, then you should consider using the rewrite tool. With the help of this paragraph rewriter, you can steer clear of plagiarism and create a new version of your previously written text.

Below Average English Writing Skills

You should get your hands on an article rewriter if you think that your writing skills are not that good. It’s essential to generate high-quality content for your website, but due to the lack of resources, don’t rely on your below-average English writing. Instead, make use of the AI article spinner to generate a plagiarism-free high-quality text file.

No Budget to Hire a Professional Writer

What thing becomes an obstacle for most people to thrive in the online world? It’s a limited budget! The inability to hire a professional writer must not disturb you, as our online article rewriter tool is available for your rescue around the clock. You should use it whenever acquiring a professional writer’s service becomes a burden on your pocket.

You Don’t Have Command On the Given Topic.

There’s no need to invest time and effort in understanding and getting a command of the given topic as you’ve access to our online Article Rewriter. Free Article Spinner should be used to avoid all kinds of hassles and spin text within no time.

The conventional way to rewrite content was quite a herculean chore. Manual rewriting requires an ample amount of time and concentration for getting the best outcome. However, perfect results are still not guaranteed with manual rewriting, and traces of plagiarism can still exist. In comparison with manual rewriting, the free article spinner is a much better option due to multiple reasons. The article rewriting tool spins your entered text in a few seconds while maintaining its quality. This tool will never get tired and let you reword as many articles as you want, which makes it a much better option than the manual rewriting text method.

If you wish to reap the best results from an AI article spinner, you must enter high-quality text. The article rewriter tool will provide you with the best quality outcomes, but it might not be the case for files that contain too many errors. If you are trying to save your time and money, then it wouldn’t be wrong to make use of the article spinner. As it has been designed to cater to the needs of users who need content instantly, and more importantly, with high accuracy. provides you with 100% accurate and unique results. No traces of plagiarism will be left behind in the text that it provides you after the rewriting process. You can completely rely on the content of this article rewriter. There’s no need to get worried about getting caught with plagiarism, as it smartly rewrites paragraphs to make it plagiarism free. You will never have to face embarrassment due to plagiarism if you opt to use this article spinner.

The words used in the content are significant to add power and deliver the right message to the audience. The accurate selection of words is essential, and the vocabulary you’re using must fit with the context of the article. While keeping this thing in mind, this article rewriter tool free provides you with context-based article spinning. When the tool spins articles, it makes sure that all the synonyms and suggestions are provided in a way that they don't change the original meaning. You won’t have to invest extra time and effort in changing words due to the article rewriting service offered by this web-based tool.

Who Can Use?

The article rewriter free tool is a useful and easy way for people working across several fields. Let’s discuss the professions in which people can use the paragraph rewriter tool.

The students have to prepare assignments, notes, and other educational stuff assigned by their teachers regularly. Students often face the problem of plagiarism, and they have to work hard to bypass their text from a plagiarism checker as it is dealt with very strictly by the institutes. The word spinner can save students from this hassle as it allows them to rewrite articles without leaving any instance of plagiarism.

Instead of wasting an ample amount of time on creating assignments, students can use this free article spinner tool to get efficient results and spend the saved time preparing for quizzes. Unlike other essay rewriter tools that generate low-quality results or change the text’s actual meaning, this article rewriter can help students generate high-quality content without wastage of time.

The researchers often have to use second-hand data to support their research. But while presenting research, duplication isn’t given any lenience, and you might have to face a loss in credibility in the field and in front of the fellows. The writer’s careers are also in danger due to plagiarism, but they find difficulty in producing unique content on the topics they have already written before.

Our advanced article rewriter tool saves both researchers and writers from the nuisance of plagiarism by providing fresh pieces of content in a matter of seconds. The researchers and writers don’t have to scratch their heads anymore when they are stuck on using already available information again in a new text. The sentence rewriter can make this process a piece of cake for everyone.

The Bloggers have to come up with fresh pieces of content for updating their blog website regularly. But sometimes, it becomes inevitable to use the previously discussed information in a new blog which makes them worried as plagiarism can exist in content no matter what.

Bloggers often spend an ample amount of time trying to rephrase sentences for using them in new blogs. But even with the time investment, they cannot generate the quality of the text they desire. The sentence changer is the best way to overcome this nuisance. Without wasting time or putting in manual effort, you can get fresh text for your blog with this word spinner.

If you are an SEO expert, you would be aware of the importance of content ranking well on search engine result pages. Content is the crucial element of a website’s SEO, as search engines like Google determine whether it resolves the user’s query or not before giving it a rank. The SEO experts have to rely on freelance writers to get content ready for the website. The writers might charge high costs for providing high-quality content pieces, and it can become a burden on your pocket. If you think that the content you want is already available over the web and the writer’s assistance is not required, then you can rely on this rewording tool.

Amazing Features of this Free Article Rewriter

The rewrite article tool generates high-quality results as it comes up with top-notch features, including:

Deep Spinning
Easy-to-use interface
Variety of synonyms
Quick & efficient

What users are saying about us.

(Top Stories)

It’s the best content spinner I’ve ever found!
The article rewriting app has a cool design, and it’s super easy to use.
I’m in love with its AI rewriter feature. It doesn’t leave any mark that could say that we have used a plagiarism rewriter.
Thanks to the developers for such an amazing service.
The article spinner has solved my worries about creating multiple pieces of content in a day. It generates plagiarism-free and high-quality content.

Free version does not support more than 800 words!

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AI Rewriter
  • 1

    Uses NLP (Natual
    language Processing)
    for rewriting

  • 2

    Rewrites the content
    without changing
    its context

  • 3

    Maintain the relativity with
    the original one


In this blog, we will delve into the challenges you
might be suffering from as a freelance writer. Also,
we're going to offer solutions that can help you
overcome the issues arising in this field.

The challenges you might be suffering from as a
freelance writer are discussed in this blog post.
We will also offer solutions that can help you
overcome the issues arising in this field.
  • In Smart spin, 70 to 75% of words are replaced with their synonyms
  • A list of all possible synonyms will be provided for each word
  • Users can alter any word if it doesn’t seem suitable
  • Works exactly like Smart spin
  • The percentage of word swapping is maximum
  • It changes approximately 90% of the words
  • No word will be replaced automatically
  • Synonyms will be provided
  • The user will manually change each word
Sentence Rephraser
  • 1

    Select any sentence from your text.

  • 2

    Multiple options for a single sentence will be provided

  • 3

    Choose the best wording according to your choice

  • 4

    Read more about this mode.


The significant increase in sub-prime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of a housing bubble.

The significant increase in subprime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of a housing bubble.
The significant increase in sub-prime mortgage defaults caused the burst of a housing bubble.
The increase in subprime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of a housing bubble.
Major increase in subprime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of a housing bubble.
The increase in subprime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of the housing bubble.
Major increases in subprime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of the housing bubble.